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(Only) Republican Immigrants Wanted

by Marvan Buren (Principles: Politics is a contact sport) - 1 year ago

Democrats have been accused of pushing immigration policies which create more Democrats. Does Trump’s new proposal do the same thing for Republicans?

There are many sad aspects of the extreme polarization in Washington but few are sadder than the reduction of immigration policy to a game of who can best stack the deck. Rather than focusing on what is best for American businesses, the American economy or even considering what it is that America stands for, the politicians are focused on one thing and one thing only – increasing their own voting base.

Democrats, piously claiming to act in the cause of human rights, push an agenda to allow more refugees to seek asylum and ultimately become citizens. They speak, with great passion, about opening a path to citizenship for those who are here illegally. All of which sounds perfectly reasonable until we look at the voting habits of Hispanics, Blacks and Muslims, the ethnic and religious groups who constitute the majority of refugees and illegal aliens. Based on exit polling, Hispanics favored Hillary Clinton by 65-29 over Donald Trump while Blacks favored Clinton by a resounding 88%-8% margin. Polling showed about 80% of Muslims voted for Clinton.  

Now let’s turn our attention to the plan re-introduced by the Trump White House this week with Conservative Senators David Perdue and Tom Cotton (touted as a future Presidential candidate) looking on approvingly in the background. One of the stated goals of that policy is to reduce the flow of unskilled workers to the country so as to raise wages for unskilled workers already here. Another goal is to bring in people who can assimilate quickly and thus contribute to our economy.

Just like the Democrat’s rationale, this sounds good but look under the surface and what do we see? First and foremost, we see a dramatic reduction in refugees. The plan also ends the policy of favoring people with family members who were recently immigrants themselves. Thus, the plan clearly stems the tide of new Democrats arriving on our shores.  In their place, the plan will encourage higher earning, English speaking immigrants who would be far more open to the Republican ideology of lower taxation and reduced spending on the social safety net.

In my view, both parties make valid points. The Democrats argue persuasively that we need a large influx of younger immigrants if we are to keep our Social Security and Medicare programs solvent. Reducing the number of immigrants and raising the average age of those who do enter will only serve to hasten the coming crisis in our entitlement programs.

Republicans are right, however, to encourage highly skilled people who can help make America more competitive. In a world in which “intellectual property” is becoming the major economic driver, we need all the brainpower we can get.

What I can’t accept, however, is the fact that both parties are using real people as political pawns in their never-ending efforts to win current and future elections. Now that Republicans have put a plan on the table, why can’t we all sit down and figure out a compromise which doesn’t favor either party but helps real people, boosts the economy, and not coincidentally, promotes American ideals?  

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By  Cool Calvin - 1 year ago
I appreciate that you want our immigration policies to do all these wonderful things. Fix Social Security, make the world love us, give safe haven to the poor people of Syria and Central America. Etc. You're obviously a good person. I would love to have all those things too. But that don't change the fact that we can't have everything we want. We can't have more immigrants and less immigrants at the same time. America voted last year and the choice on immigration could not have been clearer. Clinton wanted to let in all the refugees and Donald Trump said we need to first look at what's best for our own citizens. We all know who won. So we take care of our own first and hen, we'll see. Who knows. Once that happens, Trump might even decide to open our borders to the huddled Democrats yearning to breathe free.
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : I don't want "more immigrants and less immigrants at the same time." I want the right number of immigrants with the right set of skills at the right time. I want an immigration policy that is good for America - not one the helps the political party that's in charge. I'm with Trump and the Republicans in wanting more skilled immigrants to come into the country and not wanting unskilled immigrants to take jobs from Americans. I also believe that a major reduction in the number of immigrants will hurt our economy. Those two items are not contradictory. What is contradictory is your statement that the election settled the matter of immigration. The truth is that a few more people voted for Clinton than for Trump and there were many reasons why Clinton lost. Immigration was the least of those reasons.