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What If Trump Is Guilty?

by Jayef Kennedy (Principles: Ask Not) - 1 year ago

If Trump is guilty of money laundering involving Russians, Mueller will find it. The scary part is that to save himself, Trump will have no choice but to create a national emergency.

It must be nice to be able to sleep peacefully at night believing that President Trump is a patriotic and honest leader who has only the best interests of America at heart.   If you fit into that category, I envy your ability to see Robert Mueller’s investigation as a “witch hunt” initiated by Democrats “who can’t accept the results of the election.”   You may be surprised to learn that I even hope you are right.  Unfortunately, however, I can’t sleep peacefully at night because I believe you are wrong and that the U.S. is heading toward a crisis “the likes of which this country has never seen.”

Let’s be clear. Collusion with Russia was never the issue. Even if undeniable evidence is found - and the Donald Trump Jr. email comes pretty close to being undeniable evidence - collusion is not a crime. So how do we explain Trump’s utter refusal to criticize Vladimir Putin and his clumsy efforts to shut down the investigation when it was being handled by James Comey? Sometimes the obvious answer is the right answer and the obvious answer is that Trump is guilty of something far more serious than collusion.

Everything in Trump’s past history points in that direction. The trail of bankruptcies, the legion of contactors who were put out of business by Trump's refusal to pay them, the Trump University scandal, and the fact that he even used his family’s “Charitable Foundations”  to fund his businesses, reveal a person desperate for cash and always just one small step ahead of financial ruin.

As his sons have stated in the past, what kept Trump that one step ahead of ruin was money from Russia. That this money was “clean” is highly doubtful.  It is known that Trump properties have been organized in a way that make them ideal for laundering money, the exact structure that Russian billionaires need to move their ill-gotten gains out of Russia and into secure overseas accounts. Mueller probably already has enough information to prove that Trump built his fortune on dirty money. It is also my belief that if he doesn't have it already, Mueller will soon have evidence that Trump knowingly engaged in these criminal activities. Trump, of course, has the power to fire Mueller before the investigation is complete but Congress has made it very clear that if he does, they will rehire Mueller.

If Trump is a criminal, as I believe he is, he has only one hope – namely, that a crisis will occur in America that causes the country to rally around its leader

With this background, Trump’s literally incendiary rhetoric against North Korea takes on a new and sinister meaning.  Starting a war would be easy. The next time North Korea tests a rocket, the U.S. could shoot it down, claim it was intended to hit Guam or Japan, or Alaska, or New York, and use it as a pretext for massive retaliation. NK with its nuclear, chemical and huge conventional arsenal would then strike back putting millions of Korean, Japanese and American lives in jeopardy. Try impeaching a President in the middle of that.

But war is not Trump’s only way out.  Under Trump’s direction, our Homeland Security and Justice Departments have been committing more and more resources toward sealing borders and deporting illegal immigrants. That means less resources have been devoted to preventing the real danger to our country - radicalized Americans committing terrorist acts here at home. With ISIS needing a “victory” of their own, what better place to strike than a U.S. distracted by a looming Asian war and hysteria over Hispanic refugees. All it would take would be a few well planned attacks at U.S. shopping malls or other places where many people gather, to have the population calling for more security – which our President would be more than happy to provide.

As would his white supremicist constituency. While they may represent a relatively small slice of America, they also control a much more significant percentage of the firepower currently in the hands of civilians. And they are well trained in the use of those weapons. Again, in this light, Trump’s halfhearted “condemnations” of the KKK and the neo-Nazis begin to make sense as we imagine them taking to the streets to protect “real” Americans. He may well see them as allies in some future apocalyptic scenario in which Trump declares martial law and assumes dictatorial powers.

In the end, I am confident that Trump’s total ignorance about American institutions and his inability to think strategically will doom any attempt he makes to increase his power and insulate himself against the Mueller investigation. However, how many people will be harmed in the attempt is very much in question.  

We live in a country where opposing groups have already dehumanized each other to an unprecedented degree (some of you may even see this article as a symptom of that dehumanization.)  The America that emerges if Donald Trump is forcibly removed from the Presidency may be unrecognizable, morally, economically, and psychologically from the America that has been a beacon of light to the world almost 230 years. 

I prefer to not take that risk. The minute that Robert Mueller has the evidence of Trump's guilt, he must join with Congress to make Trump a deal.  The investigation ends and Trump gets to keep all of his ill-gotten gains in exchange for resigning the Presidency and agreeing to leave the political spotlight forever. It would not be justice but our country would be spared the unspeakable horror of a crisis manufactured by a desperate president. 

And for Trump, it would be the best deal he ever made. Not only would he keep his money, his freedom and his life, but he wouldn’t have to live in that “dump” known as the White House. He can spend the rest of his days sleeping peacefully somewhere else. 

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General Comments
By  Facebook Commenter - 1 year ago
Trump should not keep his dirty money. No one else would be able to. He should go to jail. He's a treasonous man and will only harm the country and shoot off his mouth. He's a criminal and traitorous and will sell any information he has and then lie about it. The whole family should go with him. They've spent our taxes freely on their own pursuits and welfare. Stop ✋ them now.
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : I agree that in a perfect world, or even a good world, the guilty should be punished. But I fear that the price of punishing the Trump family may be too high. If you are correct, every day that he remains in office puts the United States security further at risk. If a deal can be made to get him out before he does more damage - and the amount of damage he can do is enormous - I say, we make the deal. I don't want thousands (or millions) of people to die just to satisfy our own sense of justice.
By  Facebook Commenter - 1 year ago
Your are trying to start something else now that all the other bullshit isn't working
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : There is nothing new in this article. If Trump were innocent, he would have released his tax returns long ago. Personally, as I said, I hope he's innocent because I'd rather have Trump than Pence as President. However, if Trump is guilty then he is subject to blackmail by Russia and would be tempted to start an unnecessary war. In that case, he needs to go. I don't see how anyone could disagree with that statement.
By  Facebook Commenter - 1 year ago
This article is very enlightening and also chilling. I think the author is correct in everything, but please...I strongly hope the Trump will be made to pay for his crimes, financial or otherwise. It seems there is a strong case for treason. Even if the course of retribution against Trump is not specifically stated in the Constitution, this is a president setting situation which must be addressed for the future so this can never happen again!! Maybe candidates need to be vetted to the highest degree before they are even allowed to throw their hat into the political ring!! Then it could never easily get to this point again. Make disclosures of taxes a rule and not a suggestion. Emolliaments are violated every day by the Trump family. That should be a rule and prosecutable. Congress needs to be working on this NOW!
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : Thank you for the kind words and insightful suggestions. The founding fathers foresaw the possibility of a populist con man fooling enough people to get elected President. Their plan for preventing this was to empower a group of "wise men" to intercede and prevent such an individual from becoming President. Irony of ironies, of course is that the Electoral College facilitated Trump's victory rather than preventing it. My point is that our institutions failed and are now broken. The damage must be repaired as soon as possible and, as a result, we do not have the luxury of allowing our justice system the time it needs to operate properly. Letting Trump go free may be the price we have to pay for the fact that the system failed but, as you so eloquently state, we must never allow this to happen again. Your suggestions, along with eliminating the Electoral College will go a long way toward accomplishing that.