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Mexico May Yet Pay For The Wall

by Jefferson B. Thomas (Principles: No Tyranny) - 1 year ago

“Dreamers” can help America’s economy or they can be returned to their birthplace to help the economy there. Ultimately, the decision belongs to Congress.

They have committed no crimes. They have graduated high school. Many have graduated college. Some have protected us by serving in the military. They work, pay taxes, have lived here their entire adult lives, and are Americans in every way except one. Without the protection of DACA - the "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order signed by President Obama in 2012 - they are considered to be "illegals" subject to deportation at any time.  These are the young people known as “Dreamers.”

Under DACA, Dreamsers receive two-year permits which allow them to obtain drivers licenses,  live and work in the U.S. without the fear of deportation. At the end of those two years, all law abiding immigrants can have their permits renewed.  Every humanitarian instinct we have, tells us that forcing these people back into the shadows, or out of the country, is wrong.   President Trump even promised that Dreamers had nothing to fear from his administration.  

However, there are two problems. First, is that it is very likely that President Obama exceeded his authority when he signed DACA. Executive overreach, no matter how compelling the cause, cannot be permitted. Second is that any blanket amnesty for the group of dreamers already here will encourage other desperate parents to bring or send their kids here illegally. 

President Trump, who campaigned against DACA is now being pressured to fulfil that campaign promise. Ultimately, however, the decision must be made by the Republican Congress which, one way or another, will need to take a stand. The solution though, is relatively obvious. Congress should make DACA, or something like it, permanent while also taking all possible steps to shut down and discourage future waves of illegal immigrants. A major step in that direction would be to set and enforce strict penalties against employers who hire people here illegally. 

The President would likely be willing to sign such a bill but it is also likely that he would demand one little thing in exchange for his signature. He will want funding for The Wall, a demand which is both appropriate and ironic. It would be appropriate because it would represent part of the strategy for preventing future illegal immigration. it would be ironic, because it would also fulfill another campaign promise. It is estimated that the Dreamers will contribute $500 billion to the U.S. economy.  Many Dreamers  were born in Mexico. If they were forced to go back, they would pay their taxes to Mexico. If they are allowed to work openly in America, however, they will pay taxes to the U.S.  Mexico's loss will be our gain.

Mexico will indeed have paid for The Wall.   

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By  Jayef Kennedy - 1 year ago
You really are a Dreamer if you think this Congress is going to do the right thing. Obama had to act because Congress refused. Even now, Paul Ryan is begging Trump to leave DACA in place so that Republicans in Congress are not forced to vote on it. Mark my words - Trump will find a way to punt this problem down the road and it won't get fixed until Democrats take over in DC in 2020.
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : Why am I a dreamer? Congress did the right thing on health care. It was a close call but they didn't cause 20 million people to lose coverage and now they are quietly working on repairing the ACA. Sure there will be blowhards, like Ted Cruz, who take a "principled" stand against illegal immigration but with business leaders coming out in support of DACA, Republicans will find they have little choice but to ultimately support it. Otherwise, Wall Street and Main Street will start funding Democrats and the Republicans will lose their majority.