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Donald Trump’s Epiphany

by Marvan Buren (Principles: Politics is a contact sport) - 1 year ago

It took President Trump over seven months but he figured out that Democrats know how to govern while Republicans only know how to obstruct. This discovery is good news.

With the strongest Atlantic hurricane on record bearing down on Florida, it’s hard to be upbeat but, in the hopes that Florida's building codes are sufficient to withstand the storm,  I’m going to press ahead with some happy talk.

As August came to an end, we had two wildly mismatched opponents. On one team was a beleaguered, inexperienced President and a bitterly divided Congress which had accomplished as close to zero as possible over the past 5 years.  On the other side was a host of issues that needed immediate attention including the need to  1) provide funding for Hurricane Harvey (and Hurricane Irma) relief efforts, 2) raise the debt ceiling so that we wouldn’t default on our debts and send the world into a financial panic, 3) pass a budget and avoid a government shutdown, 4) find a way to prevent health care costs from skyrocketing as a result of uncertainty with the ACA, and 5) deal with DACA recipients in a way which is legal, fair, humane, and economically advantageous. Over and above these urgent needs we also had the President’s desire to enact tax reform and fund construction of a southern wall – all by the end of the year.

The odds of Congress meeting this challenge were about the same as the odds of the 45 point underdog Howard University football team going on the road and defeating the University of Nevada Las Vegas. As those who follow college football know, Howard won that game and suddenly things are looking up for our government as well – and all it took was a single left turn from President Trump.

Thanks to Trump’s decision to make a deal with Congressional minority leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, Hurricane Harvey relief is already on the way and the debt ceiling issue has been pushed back. In fact, Trump is now working with the Democrats to permanently eliminate the debt ceiling as a weapon that can be used by minorities in Congress to extort concessions.

With DACA, Trump put Congress on notice that it has 6 months to act and with his outreach to Democrats, there is now an excellent chance that something positive will get done. Momentum is now building for comprehensive immigration reform which will give the DACA recipients permanent status in this country while also addressing other key issues in our broken system.

The news gets even better. Now that Trump has put his stamp of approval on collaborating with Democrats, a bipartisan committee working on fixing, not repealing, the ACA has emerged from the shadows promising a plan which will stabilize markets in time for 2018.

Challenges, of course, remain. There is a vast gulf between the tax and budget priorities of the Democrats and the President. However, this is a President who, above all else, wants “victories.”  President Obama failed to enact any tax reform. Obama even failed to pass a budget. If Trump can do anything resembling tax reform and get a budget, any budget, passed, he will be able to claim that victory over nemesis Obama.

And if both of these are done on a bipartisan basis, there is a good chance that America will be able to claim victory too. 

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By  Jayef Kennedy - 1 year ago
Donald Trump doesn’t know what an “epiphany” is and he is quite incapable of having one. He caved to the Democrats because he became bored and impatient with the negotiations. Schumer was able to guarantee enough votes for quick passage of necessary legislation so Trump said fine and ended the meeting. It was yet another example of Trump’s inability to negotiate a good deal. I (happily) expect that it will come back to haunt him as it will (should) embolden Democrats to ask for more as the budget and tax fights progress. Even worse for Trump is that he has now alienated the Republicans who have been protecting him against the Russia investigation. Does anyone believe that Democrats will now step in and help Trump. Of course not.
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : To be honest with you, I don’t really care what Trump’s state of mind was when he made the right decision. The only thing that matters to me is that he made the right decision and for the first time, there is a possibility that good things may happen in D.C. If Dreamers are given permanent residency with a path to citizenship, will you celebrate or will you find a reason to complain because it happened as a result of Trump’s actions? As to the coming impeachment fight, I wouldn’t be so sure about which side Democrats will take. Why would they want to remove a flexible pragmatic President and replace him with a far right religious zealot like Mike Pence who still thinks that going into Iraq was the right thing to do?
By  Cool Calvin - 1 year ago
I love them big words. According to Ms. Miriam Webster, "epiphany" has a whole bunch of meanings but I think the one you want is "an illuminating discovery, realization or disclosure." Well, I hate to disappoint you, son, but President Trump always had in mind to work with the Dems. He needs them because of the crazy 60 vote filibuster thing in the Senate but also because some of those tight-wad Republicans ain't willing to spend a dime for bridges and roads - or even hurricane relief - less of course it's for their own state. I've said all along that Trump does what's right for the country regardless of which party is going to help him do it. He is simply proving what I've always known to be true.
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