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Utilizing Our Best Natural Resources

by Paul Revere (Principles: -) - 1 year ago

Could a set of fresh eyes with new ideas unburdened by the tired old political arguments, help make our environment better? Let's ask our children.

Tayooka, Japan was a small city that also happened to be one of the last refuges of the stork before the bird disappeared completely from the region's lanscape in the 1970's.  The area's main industry was rice farming, which gradually went from organic rice to industrialized fields filled with pesticides and irrigated unaturally.  In the early 2000's the region was hit with a devastating typhoon, and the flooding was made even worse because the rice fields no longer had any absorbant power.  This is a classic example of a natural disaster made worse by the human intervention in the area.  5th graders at the local elementary school, which had flooded entirely, started to ask why the loss was so devastating after this particular typhoon.  With guidance from their teacher, they came to the conclusion that something needed to be done about the rice fields.  They went to talk to the mayor, and little by little the town started to go back to more natural rice farming methods.  They didn't need the pesticides because they grew plants next to each other that helped keep away the insects.  They were able to restore the river's damm so that the region would not be flooded again, and after about a year, the storks came back.  The children at the school started farming and selling the rice as part of their math and science curriculum, and the whole area today is flurishing from eco tourism and  the profits from selling organic rice.

Okay, now that we've finished storytime, what does any of this have to do with America? Climate change or no climate change, everyone agrees that protecting the planet is a good thing. We just have different opinions on how much we should spend to do that. Before raising the debt ceiling and crunching numbers, let's look into a source of energy that renews itself each night and won't cost much to tap into...kids. Students sitting in the classroom bored out of their minds would love the opportunity to get their hands dirty and do something that makes a difference outside the classroom walls.  Lets launch a hands on environmental protection campaign in schools.  Let kids start growing their own vegetables in a hydrophonic garden. Lat them test the local rivers for water pollution, identify the sources of that pollution and put pressure on the polluters to stop.  There's nothing more convincing then a 10 year old standing outside of a factory with a sign saying "All I want is to be able to one day give my children clean water and clean air."  Of course we need to continue our efforts to protect the environment through policies, but lets see what solutions students have to the big environmental problems.  

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By  Cool Calvin - 1 year ago
This is the type of thinking I like. We got all these bright young inquisitive minds and we lock them away in a schoolroom for 22 years while Liberal teachers turn their brains into mush. Instead, let's use that creative power while they still have it to come up with ideas that no one else has tried. Truth be told, this is the exact reason why I still feel so confident that President Trump will succeed where all those great minds from Clinton to the Bushes to Professor Obama failed. Trump may not be a child but he looks at things differently from the politicians and at this time, that is exactly what America needs.
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : There is a difference between giving kids the power to make real change after thinking through a plan and being guided by their teachers, and taking someone with no experience and giving him the most powerful position in the country because he "thinks out of the box." Kids in school can do no harm. If they come up with a solution to a problem that doesn't work, they tried, failed, and will revamp their thinking. The teacher (or principal) will make sure they don't follow a path that will be harmful, and so worst case scenrio they don't make a change but learn from the experience, and best case, they make a positive change. Giving someone with no experience a top position means sometimes you will get a nice fresh idea, but someetimes you will do a lot of harm.