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The Cynical Strategy Of VP Mike Pence

by Lynn B. Johnson (Principles: Power - use it or lose it) - 1 year ago

When Nancy Reagan looked lovingly at her husband, she meant it. When Mike Pence looks lovingly at Donald Trump, it is part of a cynical strategy to steal his job – and his supporters.

It was known as “The Look.” When Ronald Reagan spoke, there was Nancy in the background focusing every ounce of her being on the man she loved.  The Look was occasionally a target of late night humor but Nancy would ultimately prove that she meant it 100%. As former President Reagan descended into dementia, Nancy was with him every step of the way giving him the best possible quality of life throughout that terrible disease.

Today, whenever we see Mike Pence with President Trump, it is clear that the VP has studied the tapes of Nancy Reagan and has practiced her expressions and her stance. While Melania Trump swats away her husband’s hand and frequently looks at him like he’s a stranger, Pence does the opposite. He looks at Trump as if HE is The Donald’s lifetime partner.

Personally, I don’t believe Pence’s act for a second.  

The participation by Mike Pence in the NFL stunt last weekend is just the latest example of how he is trying to both sabotage the President and take over his base. The majority of the country is clearly opposed to Trump’s war against NFL players kneeling for the national anthem.  Even many of those who believe that all NFL players should stand for the anthem feel that the President should be spending his time on more important things. Rush Limbaugh, of all people, recently questioned whether Trump is infringing on individual liberties and thus setting a very dangerous precedent.

But there we have Mike Pence flying 1000 miles so that he could walk out of a football game before the ball is even kicked – and then flying another 2000 miles on taxpayer expense immediately thereafter. Pence manages in one “brilliant” move to highlight this losing issue for Trump while showing Trump’s base just what a loyal soldier he is – the perfect person to carry on Trump’s legacy after Trump leaves the scene.

This pattern has existed from the minute Pence took over as Trump’s transition director. The fact that so many people have come and gone already in the Trump administration, is a direct reflection of the poor vetting done by Pence’s transition team. Pence, however, manages to skate free of the blame. By picking unqualified people that Trump liked, like Michael Flynn and Tom Price, Pence built his credentials with the base while undermining the Presidency.  

We’ve known for a long time that Republicans in Congress would prefer a President Pence to a President Trump. Pence has proven credentials as an extreme social Conservative with mainstream Republican economic views.   As President, he would work with Republicans to pass their anti-tax, anti-regulation, pro-defense  agenda while stacking the judiciary with like-minded judges.

The Republicans also know that they can impeach Donald Trump any time they want.  A case can already be made for obstruction of justice and there is no doubt that Trump is in violation of the emoluments clause in the Constitution. He is using his office every day in every way to make money for his family. All that stands in the way of impeachment is the Republicans’ fear that Trump’s base will turn on them. If Pence’s act succeeds, this last impediment to impeachment goes away.

If you support President Trump, Mike Pence is trying to convince you that he can be trusted. Don’t believe him. Behind that loving look is the same free trade, nation building globalist that Mike Pence has always been.  He will sell you out the first chance he gets.  

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By  Cool Calvin - 1 year ago
I would highly recommend that you watch a little less MSNBC. You'll find that you will be a lot less troubled about the President being impeached. Also, you'll realize that those of us who support the President are not easily fooled. MAYBE in 2024 we'll consider giving Pence our support but until then, there is only way that America is going to be made Great again and that is with President Trump.
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