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Please MSNBC - Ask Some Meaningful Questions

by David Teitelbaum (Principles: It all begins with Respect. ) - 2 year ago

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Do we need another debate which contrasts minor policy differences or is it more important to see which candidate will better represent her or his party in the Fall?

Last night’s Republican debate was a boring affair in which narrow policy differences between the candidates were blown out of proportion while candidates were given free reign to make up anything they wanted about President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic debates have suffered from the same malaise. I, for one, am sick to death of hearing about why Bernie Sander’s D- rating from the NRA is not good enough. What I really want to know from the upcoming MSNBC Democratic debate is which candidate will be better able to represent Democratic values when she or he comes up against a live Republican in the Fall.

As such, I am openly requesting that at the February 4 debate, MSNBC ask questions like the following: 

Is Obama’s foreign policy weak? Is the U.S. behaving like we are “in retreat?”

Why do Democrats refuse to say that we are at war with Radical Islam?

Why are we not directly arming the Iraqi Kurds? Is it because we still believe that Iraq will again become a unified country?

Can you prove that ObamaCare has not killed hundreds of thousands of jobs?

If you give additional assistance to students attending college, how do you ensure that the colleges won’t just take the money and reduce the student’s financial aid?

In practice, how do you prevent “equal pay for equal work” regulations from just becoming another source for frivolous lawsuits where the only ones who profit are the lawyers?

Why should the U.S. harm our economy by taking action on climate change when it’s not clear that anything we do will have any effect? 

Should abortion be allowed at any point in a pregnancy or should states have the right to limit a woman’s access to abortions, particularly in the latter stages of pregnancy.

How do you make sure that an increase in the minimum wage doesn’t result in employers cutting jobs or going out of business? 

Commenters - please add other questions you would like to see answered or feel free to challenge my assumption that questions like these are more meaningful than ones which split hairs between the candidates' policy positions.

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By  U.N. Owen - 2 year ago
I agree that some new questions need to be asked at the debate. Here are a few more idea/modifications to questions above: How would you work with a Republican Congress to actually get things done? What steps would you take to give people/businesses economic incentives to be more environmentally friendly, even if they do not believe that we can stop climate change? With the stock market having dropped 10% twice in the last 6 months and slowing global economic growth, are you concerned about another 2008 style recession, and if so, what would you do to prevent it?
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : Unfortunately none of these questions were asked. I also despair that even if they were asked they would have been answered with talking points. The economic incentive question would likely have been answered with a promise for government "investments" in clean energy to make America the worldwide leader and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs at home. The question about avoiding another recession would have been answered exactly the same way. Perhaps it would be best to have a debate in which each candidate's main talking points were "Taboo." If they used a talking point, their microphone would automatically turn off and the next question would then be asked.