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Their Victories Have Not Been Your Victories

by Jayef Kennedy (Principles: Ask Not) - 1 year ago

Trump used these words to attack politicians. He chose the right words but the wrong target. He should have been referring to America’s Corporations.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and the world took one giant step away from nuclear annihilation, it was a great victory for the politicians in Washington. It was also a great victory for ordinary Americans.

When government seed funding of life saving drugs and scientific advances including the internet pay off, it is a great victory for the politicians in Washington. It is also a great victory for ordinary Americans.

Whenever our government thwarts a terrorist attack or “neutralizes” a known terrorist, it is a victory for both the politicians and for ordinary Americans.

When pandemics like Ebola are brought under control before they can spread to our general population, it is a victory for both the politicians and for ordinary Americans.

We win when our government wins and we are harmed when they fail.

On the other hand, the same cannot be said for our corporations. During President Obama’s time in office, the stock market more than tripled in value. How many ordinary Americans can claim that their salary tripled during those 8 years. For most of us, we were lucky if we kept pace with inflation.

Look at Big Pharma. They rake in billions of dollars in profit each year but how many new medicines have they produced recently? Instead of helping us get healthy, they encourage doctors to prescribe drugs that cause serious side effects which require (guess what) additional drugs to treat those side effects.

The Banks keep getting bigger and keep creating more and more complicated “investment vehicles” which, surprise surprise, have huge fees. They tell us to maximize our contributions to our 401k plans but by the time they are through taking out their fees, we find out that we need to work 5 more years before we can retire.

Name your industry and I’ll show you how they enrich themselves at our expense.

Donald Trump is no fool. He is deliberately distracting us by attacking politicians and the press while he cuts taxes on corporations and eliminates regulations designed to protect ordinary Americans. He claims that these giveaways to corporate interests will help ordinary Americans. It never did before and it won’t happen now.  

Feel free to disagree. I hope you can prove me wrong. 

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Reasoning used for ARGUMENTS presented
By  Teapot Harding - 1 year ago
What is it about American businesses that you don't like? Is it that they hire millions of Americans and provide them with health care and pensions? Is it that they produce the products and services that make our lives better? The government may, in some cases, have provided seed money but it was our businesses that built the internet and that developed those life-saving drugs. And it was the banks which helped finance all of it. Removing regulatory and tax burdens on our businesses will free up capital and allow them to expand. That is what Trump plans to do and it will work.
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : Businesses employ millions of Americans because millions of Americans are buying the products those businesses produce. The corporations do nothing out of "the goodness of their hearts." Their one and only goal is to make a profit. Nothing wrong with that but it means that the government must take an active role in ensuring that corporate profits are not generated at the expense of ordinary people. Otherwise, we'll have a bunch of corporations following the Trump model of making risky investments and then simply declaring bankruptcy if they don't work out. Those "risky" investments could include poisoning our air and water, producing defective cars, selling contaminated food, and a whole bunch of other things that I'm guessing you wouldn't like. Regulations are necessary and corporations should pay their fair share of taxes.