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Top 5 Reasons Why Democrats Should Watch Fox News

by Lynn B. Johnson (Principles: Power - use it or lose it) - 1 year ago

Fox News is now the only game in town if you really want to know what is happening in DC. You may even find that watching Fox is good for your health.

If you clicked on this article expecting to find humor or sarcasm, I fear you will be disappointed. I’m (mostly) playing it straight and hope you’ll stick around anyway. After you’re done, feel free to challenge me on any of the reasons listed, change the order if you want, or add your own. 

So here it is. The countdown of the top 5 reasons why Democrats should watch Fox News:

5) It’s Real News: Fox, like other networks, has their share of commentators and political surrogates who spout opinions disguised as news. However, they also have their share of serious journalists. Bret Baier and Shepard Smith certainly fall into that category. Chris Wallace, after his widely praised turn as Presidential debate moderator, might even win a national poll as the most trusted journalist on television (the Walter Cronkite of his era?)  All of them are willing to ask tough questions of their guests and follow up if they don't receive acceptable answers.

4) The President Is Watching: Do you want to know what decisions the President is going to make on Monday? Watch Fox News Sunday. They will tell you (and sometimes him) what his next move will be. Were you mystified by Trump’s revelations of problems in Sweden? You wouldn’t have been if you had  watched Tucker Carlson the night before. Also, if you are a government employee, you can get a head start on finding your next career by watching Sean Hannity. If Hannity suggests that you should be fired, as he did with the U.S. attorneys, it’s time to start looking for a new position. 

3) It Will Improve Your Morale: It’s not good for your health to be living in a constant state of outrage. In fact, if you live anywhere above the second floor, it’s “downright” dangerous to watch too much of MSNBC, CNN or the late night comedians. Watch Fox at night (on your DVR) and as you drift off to sleep, at least you won’t worry if the world will still be there when you wake up. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be vigilant about what is happening to our country. You should, especially now. But to do that, you need to have the complete picture of what is happening, and the liberal outlets simply do not give you the whole story.

2) Better Access to Newsmakers: Face it, Dems, we’re out of power. If you want to know the important things happening in our government, you’re not going to find them out from Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, or even Bernie Sanders. The people who actually make the decisions appear most often on Fox News where they feel they are treated fairly. Republican leaders do appear on other networks but when they do, the interviews are frequently little more than argumentative gotcha sessions with the hosts showing off their toughness for their (liberal) audiences. .

1) It Will Dramatically Improve Your Relations with Your Republican Family Members:  Fox will teach you Conservative philosophy and allow you to better understand why those wayward family members left the liberal fold. But the best part is watching those family members’ faces light up when you tell then that you watch Fox regularly. Their respect for you will grow ten-fold in an instant. All of a sudden, your opinion will matter to them because, from their perspective, your opinion will now be based on Real News. So when you tell them the reasons why you still believe Donald Trump is uniquely unqualified to be President, they may even listen. 

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By  Teapot Harding - 1 year ago
Be careful what you wish for. It's been said that Democrats are well educated and intelligent. Assuming that to be true, the only conclusion I can draw for why they continue to vote for people who promote an obstructionist left-wing is that they are ill-informed. Watching Fox will certainly address that deficiency. I hope your Democratic friends listen to your advice and I look forward to welcoming them into the Republican Party.
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : Bring it on! I'm all for a fair hearing of all ideas and let the voters decide. I believe that very few Liberals will be converted by exposure to Conservative views but, who knows, maybe you're right. More likely is that watching the news shows on Fox will allow Liberals to sharpen their own arguments and better counter the spin that appears on the commentary shows like Hannity.
Reasoning used for ARGUMENTS presented
By  Jayef Kennedy - 1 year ago
It was when Walter Cronkite turned against the Vietnam War, that Lyndon Johnson (any relation?) knew that the war, and his re-election chances, were lost. Are you saying that when Chris Wallace turns against Donald Trump, our national nightmare will come to an end?
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : No relation. I took half of his first name as my penname because he was half good. The part of him that passed the Civil Rights Act deserves to be celebrated. The part of him that escalated the Vietnam War is better off forgotten. I doubt that any journalist will ever again have the power that Walter Cronkite had. However, there is no question that Fox in general, because they are the network of choice for many Trump supporters, does have far more influence than any other network.
General Comments
By  Facebook Commenter - 1 year ago
Fox News is not news , it's entertainment that a fact
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : Do you find Fox to be entertaining? I don't. In fact, I find it hard, and sometimes impossible, to watch. However, when they move away from spin and they have one of their professional news anchors (Wallace, Baier, or Shep Smith), they are watchable. And yes, it is news.
By  Facebook Commenter - 1 year ago
I watch Fox and Oan American News. They tell the real news. I used to watch CNN then switched knowing I was not getting the full truth. I also was a democrat most of my life but also switched that. I am now a republican. With all the interference and meddling with the DNC and Media. Trump still came out on top. The American people are fed up with the corruption we want true news and a President who loves this country and wants the best for it. The Constitution still says " We The People " in tall bold letters. When are the media and congress going to understand they work for us.
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : I would make the same recommendation to you that I'm making to my Democratic allies. If you're getting your news entirely from Fox and OAN, you're not getting the complete story. My recommendation is to mix in the PBS news hour with Judy Woodruff. It certainly leans to the left but they make every effort to balance Liberals with Conservatives and she treats everyone with respect. I agree with you about staying away from CNN which seems to think that the more people they can fit on a screen, the more viewers they will have on the other side of the screen.