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Not Enough To Be The Party Of “No”

by Marvan Buren (Principles: Politics is a contact sport) - 2 year ago

It is unseemly for a Progressive Party to simply stand in the way of progress. It’s fine to fight Republicans but Democrats must develop their own message. What should it be?

When Barack Obama was elected in 2008, he was going to change America. In fact, one of his main campaign lines was “We are the change we have been waiting for.”  No one really knew what he meant by that but the theme was clear. A Progressive Democratic government was going to move the country forward.

The Republicans, of course, said “no.”  That is what a Conservative party does. However,  they also created their own agenda which included a stronger military to protect America’s interests, “common sense” steps toward fixing our health care system, deregulation to spur business growth, development of American energy resources to keep us energy independent, and reduced taxes to stimulate the economy. I’m not going to debate whether the Republican agenda was better than Obama’s. My point is that they had a recognizable agenda with attractive sound bites.

Those sound bites were, in fact, so attractive that Republicans now govern America and they are the ones attempting to advance their agenda. It is now the Democrats' turn to say “no.” However, aside from proudly proclaiming their role as members of the “Resistance,” what else are Democrats offering?

Answer: nothing.

The Democrats are still talking about  income, racial and gender inequality, abortion and LGBT rights, offering free college tuition, protecting Social Security and making health care affordable. Essentially, they are saying the same things they said over the past 8 years as they were being replaced by Republicans in state houses, Congress, and eventually, the White House.

Compare the Democratic word salad message to the sound-bite rich Republican message. Republicans tell us specifically what they plan to do and then employ common sense to show how their approach will help ordinary Americans. Democrats, on the other hand, are merely identifying problems and promising that (“believe me”) only the government can solve those problems.

With Trump and the Republican Congress mired in underwater approval ratings, Democrats have an historic opportunity to sell their own agenda to America. Unfortunately, however, they currently don't have one.  

Therefore, on behalf of the Democratic Party, I am asking for your help in determining what the core Democratic message should be. Or, if you disagree with me and think that they already have a cohesive messate or that just being the “Resistance” is good enough, feel free to voice that opinion. 

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By  David D. Eisenhower - 2 year ago
I'd like to see Democrats do two things. First, they should represent the people in their districts instead of marching in step with other Democrats. Second, they should look to make deals with Republicans where everyone wins. Let the "Democratic" Party become the party of a DEMOCRACY which works. Americans are sick of the fighting and the name-calling and would welcome this message.
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : I'm concerned that your two agenda items conflict with each other. Our gerrymandered Congressional districts demand ideological purity or you find yourself with a Primary opponent. To truly reflect a very blue district or state, a member of Congress cannot make deals with Conservatives. On the state level, however, I think what you are suggesting can work. Thanks for the comment.
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By  Jayef Kennedy - 2 year ago
What you are calling a "word salad" is the message. Perhaps they need to learn to market it better but what is wrong with a party standing up for the rights of all individuals, including the elderly, and using government funded education to give everyone the chance to succeed?
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By  Facebook Commenter - 2 year ago
The brakes must be put on lobbiests/special interest groups that have a death grip on Congress. It seems sens/reps end up owing so much to these group, very little benefits the electorate. PAC money is probably one of the worst things that ever happened to government. Until Congress works for the people instead of these group & their party, regular citizens will lose every time.
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By  Facebook Commenter - 2 year ago
Both of you need to start working with and not against the POTUS or RETIRE. You're both too old!
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