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Prevent Planned Parenthood Public Pfunding

by Hickory Jackson (Principles: Freedom and Privacy) - 3 year ago

A win win win solution.

According to focus groups used by Democratic candidates for President (and Congress), Planned Parenthood, (sting tapes notwithstanding) is popular.That is, of course, why Democrats support it at every turn. People feel that the organization provides necessary services to women who would otherwise not be able to afford those services. I applaud Planned Parenthood for performing a valuable function.

I also don't object to Planned Parenthood receiving reimbursement under Medicaid for covered services performed by its licensed physicians. It certainly seems reasonable to treat the organization no different from any other licensed medical practice.

But treating Planned Parenthood the same as other medical practices is exactly the point. We don't treat them the same. In addition to Medicaid reimbursements, the Federal government also provides general funds for Planned Parenthood to use - provided, of course that they don't use those funds DIRECTLY to perform abortions. This is the part to which I object.

If the government were to stop providing these extra funds, the Planned Parenthood fundraising apparatus would rev up into top gear and probably more than replace the lost income. This is as it should be. If a charitable organization is valued by individual people, then it should be supported by charitable contributions from those people.

So, what I propose is win win win. Planned Parenthood gets more money than before. The Federal budget deficit is decreased. And the Republican Congress raises the debt ceiling, thus preventing the U.S. from defaulting on its debts.   

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By  David Teitelbaum - 3 year ago
Funding does not start with a P
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : But all the other words do start with a P and I wanted a catchy title. It worked because it caught your interest.