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Should the Democratic Party Recruit Pro-Life Candidates?

by David D. Eisenhower (Principles: Military Restraint, Bipartisanship) - 1 year ago

The people of Alabama are being forced to choose between an (alleged) child molester and a (confirmed) proponent of murdering unborn children. Don’t blame them if Roy Moore wins.

Imagine for just a moment, a Democratic Party that permitted pro-life candidates to run for office in states like Alabama where a large majority believes that abortion is equivalent to murder. Now imagine that a pro-life Democratic candidate were on the ballot running against accused sexual predator Roy Moore in the special Alabama Senate race.  Would there be any doubt that the Democrat would win?

Instead we have forced the good people of the great state of Alabama to choose between a candidate who has sexually molested children and a candidate who, in their view, advocates for killing unborn children.  If Alabama ultimately decides to elect Roy Moore, don’t blame them. Blame the Democratic Party for requiring that its candidates campaign on a platform which is morally repulsive to a majority of the people of that state.

The Democratic Party needs to get off its high horse and realize that even if you take the position that a woman’s right to choose is the single most important issue in the country, it is still not more important than every other issue combined.  

The Democrat’s insistence on all candidates being pro-choice guarantees large turnouts of religious conservatives against every Democratic candidate in every part of the country. Democrats can complain about gerrymandering all they want.  They can call out the founding fathers for giving Wyoming the same number of Senate seats as California. Blame the Electoral College. Scream at the Supreme Court for the Citizens United decision that allows Republican donors to spend unlimited funds to shamelessly manipulate people’s heartfelt opposition to abortion. Democrats have gotten really good at pointing fingers at the deficiencies in our democracy. But all the finger-pointing  is pointless because none of those deficiencies are going to be fixed.

A majority of Americans agree with Democrats on a vast range of issues including access to health care, better gun control laws, improving infrastructure, strengthening Social Security, fighting climate change, LGBT rights, improved public schools, protecting our poorest and neediest citizens and giving their children a chance to succeed, balancing diplomacy with a strong military, fair taxes on businesses, implementing a sane immigration system,  reforming our prison system, ending systemic racism, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten several others.

And yet, despite being  in the majority on all of these issues, the Democrats (and America) are losing on every one of them. Why? Because of abortion. Choice advocates try to undermine this argument by saying that a majority of Americans are pro-choice. That’s true but it's also irrelevant. Pro-choice Americans vote for candidates based on a range of issues. Thus, a good portion of their votes go to Republicans.  Pro-Life Americans base their vote on one issue and one issue alone and 100% of their votes go to Republicans. Every exit poll ever taken shows that for people who see pro-life vs. pro-choice as the most important issue, the overwhelming majority vote Republican.

So what’s it going to be Democrats? Condemn yourselves to permanent minority status in Congress? Condemn America to continued rule by the wealthiest corporations? Or prove that you truly are the party of diversity and welcome in your pro-life brothers and sisters. 

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By  Facebook Commenter - 1 year ago
That there is strong support in Alabama for a person like Roy Moore, even without the allegations of sexual offenses says to me that the Dems should write the state off and concentrate on building strong support in the urban areas and strengthening the municipalities so that they can take federal funds to improve life there.
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