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Which Cable Network Will Hire Steve Bannon?

by Trick Nixon (Principles: None) - 1 year ago

The battle is on between Fox, CNN and MSNBC to bring on the newly unemployed Bannon. Which one is willing to trade their soul for improved ratings?

It is, of course, possible that Steve Bannon, recently fired from Breitbart, could remain unemployed and wander off into the sunset. However, I wouldn’t count it. Bannon needs a platform and cable news has too many hours to fill. Further, if you really want to be honest about it, Bannon says some interesting things that hardly anyone else is willing to say.

One big sticking point for Bannon is his reputation as being far too cozy with white supremacists.  While some might say that this sets him up for a job with Fox News, I say no. Fox already has an image problem which could well be exacerbated by the addition of someone who has “street cred” with neo-Nazis. Also, there is the not so small problem of Bannon’s attacks on the Trump family.  This is not the message that the pro-Trump Fox News wants to disseminate.

MSNBC is also a longshot because while Bannon’s anti-Trump comments had the MSNBC anchors turning handsprings, it is very difficult to imagine someone like Joy Reid having a civil conversation with Steve Bannon. Bannon’s support for Roy Moore is impossible to overcome. MSNBC’s loyal viewers would abandon ship instantly if their network began paying money to a man who publicly campaigned for a child molester.

So that leaves CNN, the perennial celler-dweller in ratings which more than anything, seems to love a good food fight. CNN’s whole business plan is to put political opponents on the same set and sit back while they slug it out.  Bannon would be the perfect fit precisely because he doesn’t exactly fit on any side of the debate. One minute he could be blasting traditional Conservatives and the next, he’ll be attacking the liberals. And Bannon would never back down. Put him the right setting and watch CNN’s advertising rates rise.

I could be wrong and I don’t thing Bannon gets his own show – at least not yet. But look for Anderson Cooper to gravely ask Bannon for his opinion and watch as half the people sitting with him shake their heads in agreement. The fun part will be guessing which ones will agree and which ones won’t.

Coming soon – Steve Bannon, CNN contributor.      

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