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It Takes A Shark

by Teapot Harding (Principles: Shrinking Government) - 2 year ago

Steve Mnuchin has the perfect background to be Trump's Secretary of the Treasury. I challenge you to name a better choice.

Yes, it’s true. Steve Mnuchin, the man that Donald Trump has appointed to become his Secretary of the Treasury is the same guy who bought a failing bank at a rock bottom price, foreclosed on thousands of mortgages, and then sold the bank for a nifty profit.  Even worse, he was a partner in globalist giant Goldman Sachs just like his daddy before him.

Indeed, Trump has picked a Treasury Secretary who helped cause the financial collapse and then took advantage of it in order to make his own fortune. It sounds like rather than “Draining The Swamp,” Trump is “Hiring  The Swamp.” So why is this a good thing?

Simple. Mnuchin, like Trump himself, is the perfect candidate for the job because he has proven that he knows how to beat the system and therefore, he knows how to fix the system.  He knows what regulations are necessary to stop banks from crashing the economy and writing bad loans, but he also knows what regulations are getting in the way of banks lending money to real people.  As Treasury Secretary he will be able to keep and improve the good regulations and get rid of the bad ones.

As further evidence, I ask you who else would you prefer for this key position:

1) A career government bureaucrat who has no experience in the business world?

2) Someone from the banking industry who failed to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the financial meltdown?

3) Someone from another business who knows nothing about finance?

 I look forward to responding to your comments. 

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Reasoning used for ARGUMENTS presented
By  Jayef Kennedy - 2 year ago
I get it. The best way to drain the swamp of millionaires and billionaires who control Congress is to fill the White House with millionaires and billionaires. The best way to unite our country is to hire a white nationalist to set the strategy. The best way to improve our economy and give regular people a chance to finally get ahead is to hire someone who crashed the economy and evicted regular people from their homes. I hope you're right but someone is going to have to prove it to me.
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : I presume your "white nationalist" remark is directed at Stephen Bannon who is an American nationalist who happens to be white. I'm not sure what's wrong with that? You also didn't answer my question about who else you would have picked. Donald Trump won this election so he's not going to pick a Liberal interested in raising taxes on the wealthy. He's going to pick someone who is qualified for the job and has his views on what needs to be done. Mnuchin fits that profile.
By  Lynn B. Johnson - 2 year ago
I presume it's also your view that Wilber Ross, the noted Vulture Capitalist, is the perfect choice to head the Commerce Department. Based on your theory, the way to stop companies from merging and laying off thousands of workers is to appoint a Commerce Secretary who has made billions by buying companies, eliminating millions of jobs and then selling them for huge profits. I look forward to seeing Donald Trump explain these cabinet choices to the people on whom Mnuchin foreclosed and the people whom Ross fired. It should be especially interesting to see how those who voted for Trump react to this outright betrayal.
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : See the next comment. Trump's supporters have faith in him and are willing to give his appointees a chance before they condemn them. The press can take a lesson from that. They used the same arguments against Trump himself. "He worked the system to benefit himself and his family." " He didn't pay any more taxes than he had to." The voters rejected those arguments in electing Trump. Of course their going to reject the same arguments with respect to his appointees.
General Comments
By  Facebook Commenter - 2 year ago
I only have to know Trump who I've already decided knows what is best so whoever he chooses I know will also be the best!
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : In the end, that's the bottom line. Trump knows Mnuchin well. The voters elected Trump to make these decisions.
General Comments
By  Facebook Commenter - 2 year ago
It's Apparent that the President Elect has a master plan. History shows that major change can be drastic I.e. FDR cabinet .The so called Brain Trust created sweeping changes that lifted the masses from a depression in both economic and emotional sense.It also led the government into a self perpetuating bureaucratic agenda.The social welfare state has ended the independent motivation for many Americans.The expertise needed to act as a catalyst to promote growth and end stagnation is critical.So we need the best people available,not just activist sycophants as seen in the current administration.I believe this business like approach will ultimately allow the American people to regain there belief in there own worth.As Trump has stated Make American Great Again.This mindset will by itself give hope and heart to the millions of citizens who have given up.Regaining the confidence will benefit all Americans.There's know question the new Brain Trust will fix the broken system.
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Discussion Leader's Explanation : Exactly. The people who have used the broken system are the people best suited to fix it. That is why we elected Trump in the first place and that is why we expect him to nominate cabinet members who know their fields. We don't want triangulating politicians to inch us in one direction or another. And you're right - confidence breeds confidence. The stock market is up, interest rates are up, retirement savings stretch further, people can buy more, companies must hire more people to manufacture products and stores must hire more people to sell the products. Hope is back.