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High Time To Abort Roe v. Wade

by Cool Calvin (Principles: End Corruption In Government) - 2 year ago

Liberals need to realize that its in their best interest for Roe v. Wade to be repealed. Oh, and by the way, it would also make it easier to enact Donald Trump's pro-American worker agenda.

Let’s begin with the obvious. Abortion is the act of ending a life. We can quibble about whether or not it’s ending a human life and is therefore murder but it’s definitely ending a life. Face it, no matter how pro-choice you are, abortion makes you queasy. The living being that is being killed generally has a beating heart, a face, a brain, arms, legs, circulation, or, in other words, a whole bunch of human-looking things. You say that it’s the most difficult decision a woman has to make. Gut-wrenching is your word, not mine.

On the other hand, your opponents on the pro-life side have no such problem. There is nothing difficult or gut-wrenching about it. A fetus is a human life and killing it is murder. To them, the Roe v Wade decision makes murder the law of the land and, as such, is an abomination to which every other political agenda must take a back seat.

Look, I’m certainly not a Liberal and I’ve rarely been called religious so I don’t have a pony in this race.  However, where I do start to care is when this issue gets in the way of implementing President Elect  Trump’s agenda to provide good jobs for American workers, protect Social Security and Medicare, rebuild and improve our infrastructure, and keep us out of unnecessary foreign entanglements.

Follow me here. You Liberals are in favor of this agenda so you’re not the problem. It’s the Republican leadership in Congress who will oppose it; the neocons, the trickle down crowd who believe the wealthy will share their tax cuts with the rest of us, and the privatizers who want to reward Wall Street and “fix” Social Security by cutting it.

You see where I’m going with this? Every day Roe v Wade stays on the books is another day that our good religious friends will continue to side with that Republican leadership. Remove Roe and they are free to follow their economic interests. In fact, with Roe gone, they will be able to credibly threaten to vote for Democrats if the Republican leadership won’t work with our President. Who knows, maybe after Trump leaves office, some of them will even become Liberals. 

Yes, I hear your panicked protests that Roe is the only thing that protects us from back alley abortions or worse. So, if that bothers you, don’t let it happen.  Establish and fund charities which run a modern day Underground Railroad ferrying poor women from states where abortion is illegal to states where it is legal. Make sure your people give troubled women information about this terrible decision rather than having Neanderthal Republican state legislators author videos that desperate women are forced to watch.

Heck, I might even contribute a few bucks to such a charity – if it would once and for all prevent this fringe issue, which SHOULD be handled at the state level, from continuing to warp our national politics.

OK – hit me with your best shot. 

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