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Should the Democratic Party Recruit Pro-Life Candidates?

by David D. Eisenhower (Principles: Military Restraint, Bipartisanship) - November 22, 2017

Goal(s) of Discussion: The people of Alabama are being forced to choose between an (alleged) child molester and a (confirmed) proponent of murdering unborn children. Don’t blame them if Roy Moore wins.

High Time To Abort Roe v. Wade

by Cool Calvin (Principles: End Corruption In Government) - December 15, 2016

Goal(s) of Discussion: Liberals need to realize that its in their best interest for Roe v. Wade to be repealed. Oh, and by the way, it would also make it easier to enact Donald Trump's pro-American worker agenda.

Prevent Planned Parenthood Public Pfunding

by Hickory Jackson (Principles: Freedom and Privacy) - October 19, 2015

Goal(s) of Discussion: A win win win solution.