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Extend The Iran Nuclear Deal – Don’t End It!

by Trick Nixon (Principles: None) - October 07, 2017

Goal(s) of Discussion: Killing the Iran deal will lead directly to Iran becoming a nuclear power. There will be no “replace” if we “repeal” the deal. We must fix it instead.

Our Beleaguered Attorney General

by Trick Nixon (Principles: None) - July 27, 2017

Goal(s) of Discussion: It’s humorous watching the MSM defend Jeff Sessions. It’s less humorous watching Republicans put up roadblocks to replacing him. Trump is right - he needs to go.

The Best Leader Russia Has Ever Had

by Trick Nixon (Principles: None) - July 12, 2017

Goal(s) of Discussion: Putin may be a corrupt autocrat but he remains popular with the Russian people. The U.S. Congress should keep this in mind before voting to increase sanctions on Russia.

In Praise Of Nepotism

by Cool Calvin (Principles: End Corruption In Government) - April 19, 2017

Goal(s) of Discussion: Whether you run a small business or you're President of the most powerful nation on Earth, what can be better than hiring smart, trustworthy and loyal people to work for you?

Lock Her Up (Or, On Second Thought, Don't)

by Marvan Buren (Principles: Politics is a contact sport) - November 27, 2016

Goal(s) of Discussion: Unbelievably, the same people who criticized Donald Trump for the positions he took during the campaign, are now criticizing him for changing some of those positions. Give the man a break.

Taking One For The Team

by Marvan Buren (Principles: Politics is a contact sport) - October 14, 2016

Goal(s) of Discussion: Mike Pence was dignified, gracious and articulate. Tim Kaine was rude and nasty and continuously spouted pre-programmed sound bites. Pence won the debate and helped himself. Kaine lost the debate and helped Hillary Clinton.

I Promise Not To Say Benghazi

by Cool Calvin (Principles: End Corruption In Government) - October 01, 2016

Goal(s) of Discussion: Give me your best pro-Hillary arguments and I will (respectfully) shoot them down. To give you a sporting chance, I’ll even refrain from using the words “Benghazi”, “e-mail”, and “liar.”

We Are The Job Creators

by Jayef Kennedy (Principles: Ask Not) - September 28, 2016

Goal(s) of Discussion: Trump wants to cut taxes for the wealthy. Clinton wants to give subsidies to everyone else. Which approach will help the economy? If the wealthy are the true "Job Creators" then Trump is right. If not, his plan will do nothing except increase the deficit.

Defend The Clinton Foundation Or Lose The Election

by United States Grant (Principles: Peace Through Strength) - August 24, 2016

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Military Campaigns

Goal(s) of Discussion: If the Clinton Foundation really does so many great things, why doesn't Hillary Clinton ever mention it? Is it because she's too modest, or is she afraid of something?

Trump Crushes Clinton on Facebook!

by Cool Calvin (Principles: End Corruption In Government) - July 22, 2016

Goal(s) of Discussion: Which is more important? Clinton's expensive television ads paid for by her fundraising machine, or Trump's dedicated supporters on Facebook spreading the word for free?