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Should Democrats Trade The Wall For the Dreamers?

by Marvan Buren (Principles: Politics is a contact sport) - January 15, 2018

Goal(s) of Discussion: Young people are being held hostage by crass political calculations on both sides. They will eventually get a pathway to citizenship but they are going to have to wait a little longer.

Should the Democratic Party Recruit Pro-Life Candidates?

by David D. Eisenhower (Principles: Military Restraint, Bipartisanship) - November 22, 2017

Goal(s) of Discussion: The people of Alabama are being forced to choose between an (alleged) child molester and a (confirmed) proponent of murdering unborn children. Don’t blame them if Roy Moore wins.

Are They Out Of Their Minds?

by Trick Nixon (Principles: None) - September 17, 2017

Goal(s) of Discussion: By endorsing the Sanders Medicare-For-All plan, the Democrats have pulled defeat from the jaws of victory. They are completely misreading what America wants.

Donald Trump’s Epiphany

by Marvan Buren (Principles: Politics is a contact sport) - September 08, 2017

Goal(s) of Discussion: It took President Trump over seven months but he figured out that Democrats know how to govern while Republicans only know how to obstruct. This discovery is good news.

(Only) Republican Immigrants Wanted

by Marvan Buren (Principles: Politics is a contact sport) - August 04, 2017

Goal(s) of Discussion: Democrats have been accused of pushing immigration policies which create more Democrats. Does Trump’s new proposal do the same thing for Republicans?

Not Enough To Be The Party Of “No”

by Marvan Buren (Principles: Politics is a contact sport) - April 28, 2017

Goal(s) of Discussion: It is unseemly for a Progressive Party to simply stand in the way of progress. It’s fine to fight Republicans but Democrats must develop their own message. What should it be?

Time For President Trump To Turn Left?

by Gee Double Yu (Principles: Keep America Safe) - March 26, 2017

Goal(s) of Discussion: Trump needs a victory on tax reform and all signs point to the fact that Republicans alone cannot deliver that victory. Is Trump ready to deal with Democrats? Should he try?

Top 5 Reasons Why Democrats Should Watch Fox News

by Lynn B. Johnson (Principles: Power - use it or lose it) - March 24, 2017

Goal(s) of Discussion: Fox News is now the only game in town if you really want to know what is happening in DC. You may even find that watching Fox is good for your health.

Is There Anyone Who Wants To End Deficit Sending?

by Zach The Taylor (Principles: Truth and Justice is the American Way) - March 20, 2017

Goal(s) of Discussion: We are not in recession. We are not at war. Interest rates are low. Is it really fine for our government to approve a budget with a $500 billion deficit?


by Marvan Buren (Principles: Politics is a contact sport) - August 16, 2016

Goal(s) of Discussion: The Democratic Party Platform states that Democrats will never allow Iran to get a bomb. Yet they support the JCPOA. Are they naive in believing the Ayatollahs will change, or do they have something up their sleeve?