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Goal(s) of Discussion: We owe it to our future to gather hard data on what immigration system would best serve our national interest. Until we do, there are no answers to the important questions.

Should Democrats Trade The Wall For the Dreamers?

by Marvan Buren (Principles: Politics is a contact sport) - January 15, 2018

Goal(s) of Discussion: Young people are being held hostage by crass political calculations on both sides. They will eventually get a pathway to citizenship but they are going to have to wait a little longer.

How Many Wins Did Trump Record In 2017?

by David Teitelbaum (Principles: It all begins with Respect. ) - December 30, 2017

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Goal(s) of Discussion: You can’t win a game until the game is over. Trump is making progress on many of his promises but, just like in sports, those leads can slip away quickly.

What Is The Republican Plan For Reducing Gun Homicides?

by Marvan Buren (Principles: Politics is a contact sport) - November 16, 2017

Goal(s) of Discussion: Are there any other aspects to the Republican plan besides protecting the border, increasing deportations, and thoughts and prayers? Please let me know.

Mexico May Yet Pay For The Wall

by Jefferson B. Thomas (Principles: No Tyranny) - September 06, 2017

Goal(s) of Discussion: “Dreamers” can help America’s economy or they can be returned to their birthplace to help the economy there. Ultimately, the decision belongs to Congress.

(Only) Republican Immigrants Wanted

by Marvan Buren (Principles: Politics is a contact sport) - August 04, 2017

Goal(s) of Discussion: Democrats have been accused of pushing immigration policies which create more Democrats. Does Trump’s new proposal do the same thing for Republicans?

What's First? What's Second?

by Gee Double Yu (Principles: Keep America Safe) - January 21, 2017

Goal(s) of Discussion: President Trump is already seeing how hard it is to get Congress to do anything. How should he prioritize his agenda so that he can accomplish as much as possible?

Ranking America's Immigration Problems

by Jayef Kennedy (Principles: Ask Not) - July 06, 2016

Goal(s) of Discussion: America does not have one problem with immigration. We have at least 8 problems with immigration and we won’t solve any of them until they are defined and prioritized. All readers are invited to participate in this important effort.

Make Illegal Immigration Legal

by Jayef Kennedy (Principles: Ask Not) - April 20, 2016

Goal(s) of Discussion: How easy is it to fix many of America's most serious problems? Perhaps it's very easy. Just eliminate the first two letters of the word Illegal whenever its used before the word immigration.

Immigrants Must Be Stakeholders in America

by The Black Swan (Principles: Common Sense) - March 09, 2016

Goal(s) of Discussion: Why are some immigrants not assimilating and what do we need to do to fix it?